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Cristina Bufi Poecksteiner

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CORONAVIRUS, Europe, ITALY, WHOEmergenza COVID-19 in Italia: l'impegno di medici, infermieri, sanitari e la solidarietà civile per sconfiggere il virus

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PUBLISHED TRANSLATIONS • English, French, Spanish > ITALIAN • Citizen Journalism

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AFRICA, Congo, Ebola, WHOAs Ebola outbreak ends, coronavirus begins in DR Congo
AFRICA, WHOCOVID-19 in Africa: ‘Unprecedented levels of mobilization’ as nations brace for pandemic
AFRICA, WHOFrance24 headline about COVID-19 in Africa irks netizens as racist
ASIA, Bhutan, WHOBhutan deals with its first COVID-19 case by temporarily shutting down borders
ASIA, China, ophthalmologist Li Wenliang, WHOCoronavirus death of whistleblower Li Wenliang sets Chinese social media on fire
ASIA, China, WHOWorld Health Organization officials criticized for ‘slow response’ and ‘pro-China’ bias as COVID-19 spreads across the world
ASIA, Japan, Olympics 2020, WHOBattered by criticism, Abe government scrambles to save Japan from COVID-19
CARIBBEAN, Jamaica, WHOLife in the time of COVID-19: Jamaicans adjust their lifestyles as country records second case
CARIBBEAN, Trinidad Tobago, WHOTrinidad & Tobago clamps down as two cases of COVID-19 are confirmed
CARIBBEAN, Trinidad Tobago, WHOTrinidad & Tobago closes its borders as COVID-19 cases double to four
EUROPE, Croatia, WHOCroatia's earthquake risk disrupting partial lockdown amid COVID-19 outbreak
EUROPE, Czech Republic, WHOCzech Republic enters quarantine amid conflicting government directives
EUROPE, Czech Republic, WHOCzech Republic introduces drastic measures to deter spread of COVID-19
EUROPE, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Church, Catholic, Orthodox, WHOChurches in Greece and North Macedonia refuse to modify rituals conducive to the spread of COVID-19

My own post :
EUROPE, ITALY, WHOEmergenza COVID-19 in Italia: l'impegno di medici, infermieri, sanitari e la solidarietà civile per sconfiggere il virus


AFRICA, Burundi, malaria, WHOMalaria has affected over 5 million people in Burundi so far this year
AMAZON, Brazil, Costa Rica, Indigenous, Bribri, medicine, pharma, WHO‘Protecting forests is crucial to cure pandemics,’ indigenous leaders say
AMAZON, Indigenous, Matse, medicine, pharma, WHOAn Amazon Tribe's 500-Page Traditional-Medicine Encyclopaedia
ASIA, Nepal, Himalayan Viagra, medicineThe Gold Rush for Himalayan Viagra Begins in Nepal
LATIN AMERICA, Brazil, Cuba, doctors, WHOWhy Cuba has decided to pull 8,000 doctors out of Brazil
MIDDLE EAST, Yemen, Free School Breakfast For Girls, nutrition, WHOHow free breakfast brought 500 girls back to school in Yemen
OCEANIA, Australia, First Malaria World Congress, WHOFirst Malaria World Congress explores ways forward as elimination efforts stall
OCEANIA, Vanuatu, drones, vaccines, WHODrone delivers vaccines to a remote island in Vanuatu


AFRICA, economic growthExamining Africa's Growth
AFRICA, Ethiopia, land grabEthiopia: Are “Land Grab” Deals a Path to Food Security?
AFRICA, fall armywormLa chenille légionnaire d’automne ravage l'agriculture de plusieurs pays africains
AFRICA, Ivory Coast, chocolate waste, cocoa butterCote d'Ivoire's chocolate waste spurs second industry in cocoa butter
AFRICA, Egypt, UN Biodiversity ConventionEgypt hosts the first UN Biodiversity Convention held in the Middle East
ASIA, China, MAB Youth Forum, biodiversity lossYouth gather in China to halt biodiversity loss and promote harmony with nature
ASIA, Himalaya, beesThe Newest Strategy for Saving Bees Is Really, Really Old
ASIA, Myanmar, banana plantationGrowing controversy in Myanmar: A Kachin banana plantation in photos
ASIA, Myanmar, sea saltFarmers Harvest Buckets of Glimmering Sea Salt in Myanmar
CARIBBEAN, LATIN AMERICA, extractivism, overuse of natural resources¿Existen alternativas para evitar el extractivismo y la sobreexplotación de recursos naturales?


AFRICA, baobab, moringaBaobab and Moringa, Two ‘Superfoods’ With the Potential of Boosting the Planet's Health
AFRICA, worm, grasshopper, bullfrog, beef trotter, termite, blood and milk, mice, palm tree larvae8 Dishes From Africa We Dare You To Try
ASIA, Japan, New YearAll about ‘osechi ryōri’, Japan's traditional New Year's food
ASIA, Vietnam, larvae, rats, fertilized duck eggs, pizza with fresh duck blood, fried cigadasFive Foods From Vietnam That Might Be a Little Hard to Swallow for Non-Vietnamese
LATIN AMERICA, Christmas¿A qué sabe la Navidad en Latinoamérica?
LATIN AMERICA, ChristmasLa navidad vista en los diversos y peculiares platos de América Latina
LATIN AMERICA, MexicoChiles en nogada: Historia mexicana en cada bocado
LATIN AMERICA, Mexico, Indigenous¿Puede una campaña en línea inspirar a los mexicanos a mejorar su dieta con alimentos tradicionales?


Game of ThronesGame of Thrones and climate change: brace yourselves, summer is coming!
AFRICA8 Ways Climate Change Is Already Affecting Africa
AMERICA, Canada, UN, sustainable developmentDéveloppement durable: avons-nous progressé depuis la publication du rapport Brundtland?
ASIA, India As India grapples with climate change, youth groups and startups scout for greener solutions
ASIA, Japan, fossil fuels, Climate StrikeYouth join Climate Strike in Japan as government invests in fossil fuels
ASIA, Japan, growth, environmentJapan mortgages its future, choosing growth over environment
ASIA, NepalFlora and Fauna Signal the Visible Effects of Climate Change in Nepal
ASIA, Russia, Lake BaikalClimate Change Is Behind Russia's Shrinking Lake Baikal, Experts Say
LATIN AMERICA, Caribbean, JamaicaJamaica remembers Hurricane Gilbert, but is the island prepared for a Dorian?
LATIN AMERICA, Caribbean, JamaicaJamaica’s ‘Voices for Climate Change’ spreads its message with music
LATIN AMERICA, CaribbeanJamaica’s ‘Voices for Climate Change’ spreads its message with musicThe Caribbean speaks out on the climate crisis


ASIA, Bangladesh, riverbank erosionRiverbank erosion disaster in Bangladesh leaves thousands homeless
ASIA, India, cyclone FaniAs Cyclone Fani hits India's eastern coast, preparedness saves thousands of lives
ASIA, Japan, earthquake, typhoonStrongest typhoon to hit Japan in 25 years largely forgotten following massive earthquake
ASIA, Philippines, volcanoResidents flee as Philippines’ smallest active volcano emits smoke and ash
ASIA, Taiwan, Vietnam, marine disasterTaiwanese court rules no jurisdiction in Vietnamese marine disaster case, victims to appeal
CARIBBEAN, Bahamas, hurricanes • • Irma: A Meditation on Hurricanes and the Bahamas
CARIBBEAN, Trinidad, earthquakeAnatomy of a Trinidad earthquake
CARIBBEAN, Trinidad, mud volcanoA mud volcano might explode in Trinidad: Are villagers prepared?
CARIBBEAN, Trinidad, Tobago, rains, floodingHeavy rains and flooding turned parts of Trinidad & Tobago into disaster zones
OCEANIA, Australia, black summer firesAustralians capture the devastating impact of ‘black summer’ fires on photos
OCEANIA, Australia, bushfires, floodsBushfires and floods have Australians asking: ‘What climate change?’


ASIA, Nepal, leopard geckoCommon leopard gecko found in Nepal for the first time
ASIA, Philippines, tokay geckoPhilippines: Tokay Gecko Hunting Craze
CARIBBEAN, Jamaica, Wildlife SanctuaryWildlife Sanctuary Announcement Is the Icing on the Christmas Cake for Jamaica's Environmental Campaigners
CARIBBEAN, Lizard“Where de Lizard?” Why the Caribbean is Fascinated with Them
CARIBBEAN, Trinidad, fireworks, zoo, kangarooDeath of a kangaroo at Trinidad zoo reignites loud fireworks debate
LATIN AMERICA, Porto Rico, coquíConozca el coquí, rana emblemática de Puerto Rico
LATIN AMERICA, Porto Rico, green iguanaHow the Green Iguana Came to Outnumber the Human Population of Puerto Rico
LATIN AMERICA, Porto Rico, Leatherback Turtle Festival5 datos interesantes sobre el tinglar que regresa a las playas de Puerto Rico


ASIA, exotic birds, illegal tradeEast Asia: Flourishing Illegal Trade in ‘Captive Bred’ Exotic Birds
ASIA, India, hornbillsIndia: Hurrah For Hornbills – Defence Project Stalled in Narcondam
ASIA, Nepal, spiny babblerThe Spiny Babbler, Nepal's only endemic bird, fascinates ornithologists and bird lovers alike
ASIA, Nepal, vulture restaurantsNepal’s Vulture Restaurants Are Helping Revive Their Population and Generate Income for Communities
CARIBBEAN, post-hurricane, birdsWith a Little Help From Humans, the Caribbean's Birds Are Attempting a Post-Hurricane Comeback
LATIN AMERICA, Ecuador, National Condor DayEcuador: The National Day of the Condor
LATIN AMERICA, Peru, bird migrationPerú recibe la visita de miles de aves migratorias
LATIN AMERICA, Brazil, World Cup parrotFrom Our World Cup Archive: How Brazil Fooled the World With a Meme


AFRICA, elephants, ivory trade banFour southern African nations petition to lift the international ivory trade ban
AFRICA, rhinos, artificial inseminationAre These Wild Ideas Our Last Hope for Saving Africa's Rhinos?
AFRICA, Sub-Sahara, Somalia, elephantWhy One Elephant's Long Walk Is a Hopeful Sign for War-Torn Somalia
AFRICA, Sub-Sahara, Zimbabwe, ivory trade banWill Zimbabwe succeed in overturning a ban on the ivory trade?
AFRICA, Sub-Sahara, Zimbabwe, black rhinos, horn trade banZimbabwe's black rhinos at risk as China reverses a 25-year ban on horns
ASIA, India, wild elephants attacksIndian Scientists Are Preventing Wild Elephant Attacks With Text Messages and TV
ASIA, Myanmar, orphaned elephantsCaring for Myanmar’s orphaned elephants
ASIA, Nepal, national parks, rhinosAmidst the Trauma of the Great Earthquake Nepalis Celebrate Unprecedented Conservation Successes
ASIA, Nepal, national parks, rhinosRecent Rhino Translocation in Nepal Hints at Bright Future for the Vulnerable Animals


AFRICA, Kenya, Tanzania, lions, mock huntsCan Mock Hunts Save Lions in Kenya and Tanzania?
ASIA, India, wild tigersEndangered Tigers Versus Endangered People
ASIA, India, wild tigers, big data Can Big Data Save the Last of India's Wild Tigers?
ASIA, Mongolia, wild snow leopardsMongolia: Documenting Wild Snow Leopard Cubs
ASIA, Nepal, Himalayas, clouded leopardsFor the first time, clouded leopards have been found high up in Nepal's Himalayas. But can they survive climate change?
ASIA, Nepal, snow leopard, satellite collarNepal Is Using a Satellite Collar to Track a Snow Leopard Named Omi Khangri
ASIA, Nepal, Tiger Conservation ParkNepal Is Home to the World's Leading Tiger Conservation Park
ASIA, Nepal, tigers, poachingA Flurry of Poaching Cases Casts a Cloud Over Nepal's Tiger Conservation Efforts
ASIA, Nepal, wild tigersNepal roars with pride to become the first country to double its wild tigers by 2022
ASIA, Nepal, wildlifeA Nepali Wildlife Photographer Uses His Camera to Raise Awareness About Conservation
ASIA, Southeast Asia, tigersSoutheast Asia's Tigers Are in Desperate Need of Saving
EUROPE, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Balkan lynxDeki the Balkan Lynx Is All Grown Up, Photos Show, but His Species Remains in Trouble


AFRICA, Sub-Sahara, Madagascar, fishy deal with ChinaMadagascar citizens demand transparency in a fishy deal with China
ASIA, Bangladesh, fishing ban ‘Conservation or community rights’? Bangladesh bans fishing for 65 days
ASIA, Thailand, no land, no fishNo land, no fish: Mekong community in northeast Thailand struggles against a double-threat
ASIA, Japan, bluefin tunaJapan's Appetite Is Pushing Bluefin Tuna to the Brink
ASIA, Japan, IWC, Antarctic whalingConservation groups claim victory as Japan leaves IWC and ends Antarctic whaling
ASIA; Philippines, wildlife photos, whale sharksYour Social Media Photos Could Help Protect Whale Sharks and Other Species
ASIA, Taiwan, aboriginal fishing techniqueTaiwan Fishing Heritage: Fish and Fire Dance in the Sea
ASIA, Taiwan, Orchid Island, flying fishTaiwan: Flying Fish Season on Orchid Island
CARIBBEAN, Belize, Fisheries Resources BillBelize gets serious about ocean conservation with new Fisheries Resources Bill – Part 1
CARIBBEAN, Belize, Fisheries Resources BillBelize's new fisheries bill: A ‘model for how to manage marine resources’ – Part 2
EUROPE, Faroe Islands, whale huntingWhale Hunting in the Faroe Islands, a Tradition or a Massacre?
LATIN AMERICA, small scale fishingThe Crisis of Small-Scale Fishing in Latin America


Ocean, garbage islandsIslas de basura, ¿qué son, cómo nos afectan y qué podemos hacer al respecto?
Ocean Mapping Expedition, MagellanOcean Mapping Expedition Tracing Magellan’s Voyage Reaches the Philippines
Oceans ProtectionThe Number One Thing We Can Do to Protect the Earth’s Oceans
AFRICA, Guinea Bissau, no rainWhy Doesn't It Rain in Guinea-Bissau Like It Used To?
ASIA, Afghanistan, water shortagesWater shortages weigh heavy on Afghanistan
ASIA, China, Japan, fishers, coral Chinese Fishermen Are Poaching Coral From Japanese Waters
ASIA, China, Thailand, potash mineChina’s hunger for minerals stirs resistance in rural Thailand
ASIA, India, carbon footprint, waste Reducing carbon footprint and waste generation is the need of the hour, says Indian environmentalist
ASIA, India, refinery projectIndian activists oppose oil refinery project citing environmental concerns, as protests flare up
ASIA, Indonesia, Papua, coral reefsTake a Virtual Reality Tour of West Papua’s Coral Reefs
ASIA, Myanmar, El NiñoHow Myanmar Residents Are Coping Up With Rising Temperatures Caused by El Niño
CARIBBEAN, Tobago, coral bleachingTobago's coral bleaching alert makes it clear there is ‘no alternative’ to fighting the climate crisis
LATIN AMERICA, Mexico, protected watersSe aviva discusión sobre el destino de las aguas protegidas en México
MIDDLE EAST, Iran, Lake Urmia shrinkingIran's Shrinking Lake Urmia Comes Under the Spotlight, Thanks to Hollywood's Leonardo DiCaprio
MIDDLE EAST, Iran, water crisisThe ongoing water crisis in Iran's Ahwaz region looming towards disaster
MIDDLE EAST, Israel, Sorek desalination plant, waterIsrael, One of the World’s Driest Countries, Is Now Overflowing With Water
MIDDLE EAST, Lebanon, Litani RiverThe Litani River, Lebanon's main artery, is facing an environmental crisis


AFRICA, African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights, UNESCOAn Animated Video Explains the Powers of the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights
ASIA, Cambodia, VietnameseDeprived of citizenship, the Vietnamese of Cambodia live on the edge of society
EUROPE, Macedonia, activists, clean waterActivists in Macedonia win fight for clean water despite years of dismissal by former government
EUROPE, Surfrider, Voice for the OceanLa consultation européenne de Surfrider “Voice for the Ocean” : informer les citoyen-ne-s et leur permettre de peser sur les débats
LATIN AMERICA, Brazil, railwayBrazilian indigenous people buy shares in railway company to denounce its failed environmental obligations
OCEANIA, Australia, coal mineAustralian court's historic rejection of coal mine highlights the impact of climate change


ASIA, Mount EverestClimber who captured viral image of Mount Everest traffic is on a quest to conquer the world's 14 highest peaks in record-breaking time
ASIA, Mount EverestFollowing a Summit-less 2015, This Year Will See Record Attempts to Reach the Peak of Everest
ASIA, Mount EverestI won't climb the Everest: a graphic travel journal
ASIA, Mount EverestKami Rita Sherpa breaks record as he climbs Mount Everest for the 24th time
ASIA, Mount EverestWhy the Roof of the World is Covered in S**t
ASIA, Mount Everest, Kazakhstan ?Who Would Have Thought ‘Everest’ Was in Kazakhstan?


AFRICA, Ethiopia, planting 350 million tree saplings in a single dayMass tree-planting in Ethiopia broke world records, but its impact will take time
AFRICA, Sub-Sahara, baobab TreeBaobab Tree
AFRICA, Sudan, deforestationSudan's youth activists want you to pay attention to deforestation in Darfur
AMAZON, Brazil, deforestation, firesAn effect of rising deforestation in Brazil, Amazon fires turn into a global crisis
ASIA, India, Nallamala Forest, uranium exploration Indian authorities approve uranium exploration in Nallamala Forest, sparking protests
ASIA, Nepal, National Park, mating red pandasNepal Closes a National Park to Give Mating Red Pandas Some Privacy
CARIBBEAN, Dominica, hurricane, tree-planting campaignMonths after the devastation of Hurricane Maria, Dominica launches a tree-planting campaign, but is it enough?
EUROPE, Albania, Valbona National Park, Hydropower PlantsAlbanian Activists Hold Two-Day Protest Against the Building of Hydropower Plants in Valbona National Park
EUROPE, Bulgaria, Pirin National Park, UNESCO, ski resortUNESCO World Heritage Site at Risk: Bulgarian Government Allows Construction in Pirin, Citizens Protest
EUROPE, Germany, Hambach Forest, 12,000 years old, coal mineMeet the people saving a 12,000 year-old forest from being turned into a coal mine
EUROPE, Spain, National Parks LawLa nueva ley de parques nacionales en España podría abrir la puerta a su explotación comercial
EUROPE, Turkey, Mount Ida, deforestation, miningOnce celebrated by Homer, Turkey's Mount Ida is losing trees and going bald


International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019Global Voices is a partner for International Year of Indigenous Languages 2019
AMERICA, Canada, Alaska, TlingitPerpetuating Culture, Restoring Language: Tlingit and the Sealaska Heritage Institute
AMERICA, Canada, InuktitutRevitalizing the Inuktitut language on social media, one word at a time
ASIA, Nepal, KusundaA conversation with Gyani Maiya Sen, one of the last speakers of a dying Nepali language
ASIA, Philippines, Chabacano, Creole‘Bien Chabacano’ blog preserves and promotes Asia's only Spanish-based creole language
CARIBBEAN, Guyana, WapishanaCultural activist from Guyana's Wapishana tribe tries to revive a near-extinct language
EUROPE, Netherlands, Mem, Livingroom of LanguagesMeM, the Livingroom of languages, puts small languages in the spotlight
LATIN AMERICA, Chiapas, Tsotsil, Little Prince‘The Little Prince’ now speaks Tsotsil
OCEANIA, Australia, Aboriginal hand signsLearn 40 Aboriginal Hand Signs Used to Communicate Across Western Australia’s Desert
PhotographySorry, I don't speak English. Hablo fotografía


AFRICA, global hunger, empowering womenIs Empowering Women Key to Eradicating Global Hunger?
AFRICA, Madagascar, early 20th-CenturyScroll Through Madagascar History Via Vintage Photographs
AFRICA, South Africa, Nelson Mandela17 Pieces of Wisdom from Nelson Mandela that Everyone Needs to Read
AFRICA, UN, Kofi AnnanRemembering Kofi Annan's forgotten efforts in Timor-Leste
AMAZON, Indigenous, SarayakuDesde Sarayaku Para el Mundo – Kawsak Sacha, una Propuesta de Vida
AMERICA, Indigenous Connectivity SummitThe Community Report for the Indigenous Connectivity Summit
ASIA, Afganistan, Kabul, sport, Parkour for peaceParkour for peace: Kabul youth turns war-pocked landscape into a playground for dare devils
ASIA, Afghanistan, woman entrepreneurDefying the odds as a woman entrepreneur in Afghanistan
ASIA, Armenia, Azerbaijan, minefields, womenA mother in the minefields: Women work to make disputed Nagorno Karabakh a safer place
ASIA, Armenia, dying villageThe last residents of a dying Armenian village
ASIA, Bangladesh, Dhaka, early 20th-CenturyOld Photos Bring Back Sweet Memories of Bangladesh's Capital Dhaka
ASIA, Bangladesh, floods, floating classrooms Floating classrooms bring education to flooded communities in Bangladesh
ASIA, Cambodia, early 20th-CenturyTravel Back in Time With These Photos of Early 20th-Century Cambodia
ASIA, Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Mekong River, folktalesHow preserving folktales and legends help raise environment awareness in the Mekong
ASIA, India, Pakistan, partition, 1947Oral historians and archivists fill in the record of the 1947 partition of India
ASIA, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, early 20th-CenturyColorized Photos Show Street Scenes of Vietnam, Singapore, and the Philippines During the 20th Century
ASIA, Taiwan, Indigenous, Seediq tribeA brief history of Taiwan's indigenous Seediq tribe
ASIA, Vietnam, early 20th-CenturyVintage Postcards Show Life in Vietnam in the Early 20th Century
ASIA, EUROPE, Indo-Aryan MigrationWhere Did Indians’ Ancient Ancestors Come From? The Indo-Aryan Migration Debate Rages Once More
CARIBBEAN, Trinidad, Tobago, First PeoplesRemains of Trinidad and Tobago's First Peoples returned to resting place
EUROPE, Montenegro, Mare Lakovic BogdanovaA film about a Montenegrin freedom fighter seeks to keep anti-fascist values alive
LATIN AMERICA, Bolivia, feminism, cholaLa lucha de la chola feminista boliviana está ahora en internet
LATIN AMERICA, Paraguay, Daughters of the Forest‘Daughters of the Forest’ Documents How Education Empowers Young Women in Rural Paraguay
LATIN AMERICA, Peru, VenezuelaEl futuro es una moneda de un sol que gira en el aire


ASIA, India, New York Public LibraryThanks to the New York Public Library, India’s Bygone Days Are Just a Click Away
ASIA, Iran, Nicky NodjoumiA conversation with Nicky Nodjoumi on the power and politics of his art
ASIA, Japan, bamboo insects Insects Swarm Japanese Social Media: Beautiful, Breathtaking, and Bamboo
ASIA, Japan, catsJapanese stray cats get VIP treatment on Instagram
ASIA, Kazakhstan, Kseniya Simonova, sand animationUkrainian Artist Kseniya Simonova Shows Kazakhstan Through the Sands of Time
ASIA, Nepal, Ashim Shakya, disastersAn Artist Captures Kathmandu's Recent Hardships in His Imaginative Artwork
ASIA, Taiwan, Indigenous, TaoAward-Winning Photos Capture the Indigenous Tao People on Taiwan’s Orchid Island
EUROPE, Netherlands, Indo IdentityExploring Indo identity with Dutch photographer Armando Ello
EUROPE, Spain, Albarrán CabreraBeyond the image: How Spanish photographers Albarrán Cabrera formulate experience through pictures
EUROPE, Western Balkan, Venice BiennaleWestern Balkan countries look at the past and the future at the Venice Biennale 2019
LATIN AMERICA, ColombiaVolunteers chronicle the lives of murdered Colombian activists in words and drawings
OCEANIA, Australia, cartoonist Eaten FishLife after Manus: Talking to Iranian cartoonist Eaten Fish about life in and out of Australia's detention camps


AFRICA, Mozambique, China-funded, Maputo-KaTembe bridgeMoçambique: taxas de acesso à ponte com maior vão suspenso de África causam ruído
AFRICA, Sub-Saharan, rural electricity accessLess Than 10% of Rural Sub-Saharan Africans Have Access to Electricity. What's Being Done to Change That?
ASIA, Afghanistan, recycling, cars‘My message is my car': Afghan innovator challenges youth to make something from nothing
ASIA, India, Sri Lanka, recycling, coconutGardeners Are Repurposing Coconut Waste as Eco-Friendly Plant Pots
ASIA, Japan, recycling, oil fuels, LED cherry blossomsRecycled Cooking Oil Fuels LED Cherry Blossoms in Energy-Conscious Japan
ASIA, Tajikistan, solar energy, mountainHow Can Solar Energy Make Life in Tajikistan's Mountains More Sustainable?
CARIBBEAN, Jamaica, recycling, plasticA social entrepreneur with ‘a pebble of an idea’ is taking on the Goliath of Jamaica's plastic pollution
EUROPE, France, Strasbourg, International Space University ‘Space is about dreaming’ — an interview with International Space University president
EUROPE, France, Strasbourg, International Space University‘Space ventures can improve the quality of life on Earth’ — an interview with International Space University president
LATIN AMERICA, Ecuador, Andes, recycling, old TVsOffline-Pedia converts old televisions into Wikipedia readers
LATIN AMERICA, Mexico, Indigenous, satellite telecommunications networkRed indígena de telecomunicaciones en México ofrecerá internet y telefonía vía satélite
MIDDLE EAST, Syria, architecture, post-war reconstructionSyrian Architects Challenge ‘Post-War’ Reconstruction with Real-Time Designs
MIDDLE EAST, United Arab Emirate, renewable energy, solar photovoltaic projectsA look at United Arab Emirate's renewable energy goals


AFRICA, Saudi ArabiaCamels Enjoying the Snow in Saudi Arabia
ASIAHere Are 16 Stunning Satellite Images of Southeast Asia
ASIAThe Rest of the World Is Finally Noticing the Touristic Charms of Central Asia
ASIA, BangladeshA Visual Journey Into the Floating Guava Markets of Bangladesh
ASIA, BangladeshThrough Photography, This Bangladesh Pilot Is Sharing One Hell of a View of His Country
ASIA, India, TibetAre these the last Dropka yak herders in Sikkim?
ASIA, Japan, autumnIt's Autumn in Kyoto, Which Means It's Time for ‘Leaf-Peeping’ Season
ASIA, Japan, autumnThe Beginning Autumn Gives Japanese People a Great Excuse to Post to Social Media
ASIA, Japan, gorillaJapan's ‘Too Handsome’ Gorilla Is a Social Media Sensation
ASIA, Japan, YouTubeGo sightseeing in Japan, right on YouTube
ASIA, Japan, photosFor Some Stunning Photos of Japan, Check Out Tokyo Camera Club
ASIA, Japan, summer, cigadas’ orchestra The Summer Season Brings an Orchestra of Cicadas to Japan
ASIA, KazakistanKazakhstan: Unusual Campaign Uses Sheep to Advertise Road Safety
ASIA, KirghizistanKyrgyzstan Embraces Google Street View
ASIA, Kyrgyzstan, Lake Son-KulKyrgyzstan: Lake Son-Kul in Photos and Prose
ASIA, KirghizistanKyrgyzstan's ‘Jailoos’ Are More Than Mere Mountain Meadows. They Are a Way of Life
ASIA, MyanmarA day in the life of a bamboo shoot harvester in Myanmar
ASIA, Nepal18 Stunning Photographs of the Rana Tharus From the Southern Foothills of Nepal
ASIA, Nepal, Kukur Tihar, Dogs’ DayIn Nepal, Every Dog Has Its Day—and That Day Is Called Kukur Tihar
ASIA, NepalNepal’s only folk musical instrument museum is struggling to save rare instruments
ASIA, NepalPhoto Contest Winners Offer a Stunning Slice of Life in Nepal
ASIA, NepalTrek Nepal's Everest Region Without Ever Leaving Home
ASIA, JapanWhat's the story behind the samurai walking a cat, anyway?
ASIA, Russian CaucasusThe Russian Caucasus They Don’t Show You in the News
ASIA, TagikistanTajikistan: Pristine Nature and the Echo of History
EUROPE, Albania, Macedonia, Lake OhridA Photo Contest Captures the Stunning Flora and Fauna of Macedonia and Albania's Lake Ohrid
EUROPE, BulgariaBulgarian Wikipedia Announces National Entries for ‘Wiki Loves Earth’ Photo Contest
EUROPE, Game of ThronesFour real-life locations that could have featured in Game of Thrones
EUROPE, JugoslaviaRacing down socialist memory lane: a classic Yugoslav cars video goes viral
EUROPE, Ucraina, KyivMapping the Smells of Kyiv
LATIN AMERICA, Argentina, CumbrecitaLa Cumbrecita, o la vida lejos del mundanal ruido
LATIN AMERICA, Colombia, Indios“A tal casa, tal aldaba”, lo que dicen las puertas de Cartagena de Indias en Colombia
LATIN AMERICA, Colombia, Santuario de las LajasLas historias asombrosas del Santuario de las Lajas, la “iglesia más bella del mundo”
LATIN AMERICA, Peru, ChaccuChaccu, milenaria tradición andina para obtener la fibra más fina del mundo
LATIN AMERICA, Peru, Inca, Q'eswachakaQ'eswachaka, el último puente inca, sigue uniendo comunidades
LATIN AMERICA, Peru, Machu PicchuPinturas rupestres recién halladas podrían cambiar la historia de Machu Picchu
LATIN AMERICA, Porto Rico, the Magi “¡Los tres santos Reyes, los tres y los tres!”: Conozca las promesas de Reyes de Puerto Rico
LATIN AMERICA, Trinidad Tobago, EasterEaster in Trinidad & Tobago looks (and tastes) like this

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4 aprile 2020

La morte per Coronavirus di Li Wenliang, medico che ha rivelato l'epidemia di Wuhan, incendia i social media cinesi

La manipolazione del momento della sua morte è ovvia. Li Wenliang è diventato un'icona, la sua vita e morte sembrano il riflesso del destino comune.

31 marzo 2020

Con la fine dell'epidemia di Ebola, inizia il coronavirus nella Repubblica Democratica del Congo

La RD Congo, proclamata la fine dell'Ebola, adesso affronta il suo primo caso di COVID-19. L'esperienza acquisita con l'Ebola aiuterà a combattere il nuovo Coronavirus?

27 marzo 2020

‘Proteggere le foreste è cruciale per prevenire le epidemie’, dicono i leader degli indigeni

"Se le foreste vengono abbattute, dove andremo a prendere le medicine?"

Il terremoto in Croazia rischia di interrompere il blocco parziale durante l'epidemia di COVID-19

Il terremoto ha causato 27 feriti e gravi danni materiali nella capitale Zagabria.

24 marzo 2020

La Repubblica Ceca entra in quarantena in seguito a direttive contraddittorie del governo

La Repubblica Ceca è entrata in quarantena nazionale il 16 marzo 2020. La popolazione è però autorizzata a uscire per andare al lavoro e ad...

21 marzo 2020

Trinidad e Tobago impone misure restrittive e conferma i due primi casi di COVID-19

Chiuse le scuole, sospesi gli arrivi delle navi da crociera, cancellati i principali eventi, mentre il governo cerca di contenere la diffusione del virus.

Emergenza COVID-19 in Italia: l'impegno di medici, infermieri, sanitari e la solidarietà civile per sconfiggere il virus

"Lavoriamo come soldati al fronte, senza protezioni con troppe richieste di cura insoddisfatte sul territorio. Chiudetevi in casa. Ogni uscita apre la porta al virus."

20 marzo 2020

COVID-19 in Africa: ‘Livelli di mobilitazione senza precedenti’ e molte nazioni in allerta per la pandemia

Numerosi governi africani affrontano il COVID-19 e adottano provvedimenti cruciali per gestire l'epidemia: restrizioni di viaggio, controlli sanitari nei porti, test rapidi e distanziamento sociale.

19 marzo 2020

La vita ai tempi del COVID-19: i giamaicani adeguano il loro stile di vita, mentre la nazione registra il secondo caso

Dopo la conferma di due casi di COVID-19 in Giamaica, l'ansia è alta e i giamaicani limitano i loro contatti sociali.

Cinque specialità gastronomiche del Vietnam un po’ difficili da assaporare se non siete vietnamiti

Hai già degustato queste specialità? Uova fertilizzate di anatra, pizza vietnamita con sangue fresco di anatra, larve di cocco, ratti di campagna e cicale fritte.

18 marzo 2020

Trinidad e Tobago chiude le sue frontiere mentre i casi di COVID-19 nel paese raddoppiano a quattro

L'Italia dimostra la rapida diffusione del COVID-19. Il Primo Ministro Rowley avverte delle conseguenze, se i cittadini di Trinidad e Tobago non seguono le disposizioni.

17 marzo 2020

La Repubblica Ceca introduce misure drastiche per ostacolare la diffusione del COVID-19

Sento che ci troviamo all'ingresso di un tunnel. La parte più spaventosa non è l'oscurità. È il fatto che non sappiamo mai quanto sia lungo.