Tiziana Privitera

Born at the feet of the Volcano Etna, as an authentic country girl, I’m keen on reading in the open air and continue to be enchanted by every single miracle nature gives us.
My passion for foreign languages led me to Turin, earning a master’s degree in Translation and a post graduate course in Administrative and Legal Translation.
Then I decided to leave my beautiful isle for another one which represents, as an English-speaking country, the prospect to build upon my language skills. This opportunity to be situated between two landscapes immersed in that typical bucolic peace that my roots demanded, and my wish of living with a diverse culture offer the chance to build an organic language experience. That’s why I have been living in the Emerald Isle for the past few months.
I decided to take part in this group since it represents a bridge between cultures which portrayed everyone in the same “isle” and an integration tool giving voice to a free, open and more sensitive information.

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Bahamas: la difficile battaglia delle donne per l'uguaglianza di genere

  5 settembre 2014

Si potrebbe pensare che una nazione che ha speso gran parte del XX secolo a perseguire l'uguaglianza con tenacia, oggi dovrebbe essere unita riguardo l'uguale diritto delle donne di trasmettere la cittadinanza ai propri figli e coniugi. Si potrebbe pensare che un provvedimento costituzionale volto a prevenire la discriminazione contro...